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Explore Croatia with a North Shore Local

Wise Women Unleashed is more than just a tour, it’s a journey of connection and authentic experiences. Curated by Cremorne Point local, Jana Antunovic.

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns, forcing us to pivot and discover our true passion. For Jana, a former TAFE teacher, the ongoing Melbourne lockdowns became a catalyst for a transformation. She found herself in Sydney, yearning for a connection to her Croatian heritage. This yearning blossomed into Wise Women Unleashed, a bespoke tour company catering specifically to women over 50, offering them an unforgettable journey to her beloved hometown.

Wise Women Unleashed tours are anything but ordinary. Forget crowded buses and mass-market attractions. Jana curates small, intimate journeys for up to 10 women, focusing on hidden gems, authentic experiences, and luxurious comfort.

One of Jana’s guests enjoying truffle pasta. Image: supplied

Jana’s passion for her Croatian roots fuels the authenticity of her tours.”Now, I get to share its magic with women who are ready to embrace new cultures and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Her intimate connection to the region allows her to curate off-the-beaten-path experiences, like attending a local Catholic procession or enjoying a private dinner. “It’s about quality, not quantity,” she emphasises.

Imagine luxurious 5-star accommodation, private local guides, and delectable culinary adventures as you explore hidden coves, charming villages, and the breathtaking Lake Bled in Slovenia. Truffle hunting in the forest, cooking classes with a local family – these are just a glimpse of the magic Jana weaves into her itineraries.

Jana’s decision to target 50+ women wasn’t just demographic; it was deeply personal. “Menopause was a huge turning point,” she shares. “We often feel a shift in priorities, and a desire for meaningful connections that go beyond the superficial.”

“At this age,” she explains, “we crave connection, shared experiences, and adventures that go beyond the typical tourist route. We’re wise, we’re adventurous, and we’re ready to embrace life on our own terms.” This resonates with Narelle, a client who raves, “I’m a seasoned traveller, but Jana’s tour was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was personal, enriching, and truly unforgettable.”

Stepping away from the usual tourist route dominated by younger demographics, Jelena has created a safe space for her age group, fostering understanding and camaraderie. Narelle echoes this sentiment: “I felt completely at ease with Jana and the other women. It was like travelling with a group of close friends.”

From TAFE teacher to tour operator, she’s carved a niche that caters to a growing demographic, while fostering meaningful connections and celebrating her heritage. As Narelle concludes, “Jana’s tours are more than just vacations; they’re journeys of self-discovery, friendship, and cultural immersion. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking an extraordinary adventure.”
So, if you’re a woman over 50 ready for more adventure this year, consider joining Jana on her Wise Women Unleashed tour.

Wild Women Unleashed Croatia Tour

Date: 8 -17 June, 2024

Immerse yourself in a 10-day luxury escape designed exclusively for women over 50. Explore the captivating beauty of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula and the serene charm of Lake Bled in Slovenia, all within an intimate group setting.

For more information visit the website or call Jana directly on 0450402912.

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