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What Do Women Really Want From a Workout?

One local company is leading the charge when it comes to health and fitness by offering classes that have unlocked the secret to really getting women into shape…

When it comes to choosing a health and fitness company how do you differentiate between them? They all offer exercise classes and they all aim to make you fit and healthy. One local company however is standing apart from the pack when it comes to offering women all they could want from their workout sessions. BBM Fitness is owned and run by Elaine Edgson, who has been helping women get into shape for over seven years. And not just top shape – but a specific shape. As a former bikini competition competitor Elaine is an expert in training and nutrition methods that help women to achieve a toned and feminine shape.


“I’m very passionate about getting women to look and feel at their absolute best,” says Elaine. “Having competed in bikini competitions, I love the art of strength training to shape and tone the body to achieve a strong but feminine physique.”

It’s quite revolutionary to think you can request a certain body shape result from your trainer, rather than just lose some kgs. But Elaine has made it her mission to uncover the secrets to sculpting the female form. Firstly, BBM sessions are focused around strength training with both weights and bodyweight. “The benefit of strength training is the ability to train certain muscles to shape the body to achieve a toned and feminine shape,” reveals Elaine. “We pay special attention to building strong glute muscles, and we prioritise working the entire body in a functional and corrective manner. Strength training is also the best training method to achieve fat loss as you burn extra energy during your workout and for hours post workout, and you then burn it indefinitely because increased muscle mass increases your metabolic rate.”

Workouts also include some high intensity interval training, such as jump squats or burpees. According to Elaine, this not only improves cardiovascular health but complements the strength training. “Combining both gives a more intense work-out which equals better results. Strength training and cardio use different energy systems in the body, so instead of resting after a strength movement we will simply change over to a cardio movement, and this results in a really solid workout within a 45-minute session.”

It’s not all about the science though. BBM’s fitness classes are held at Balmoral so that women can experience some peace and inspiration before they start their day, as well as the magic of the sunrise. “I’m in love with Balmoral Beach, says Elaine. “Not just the beautiful surrounds but the people too, it really is a friendly community. I knew it would be the perfect place for training. It is the most motivating start to the day to be in nature and watch the sun coming up whilst you’re working out, it really doesn’t get better.”

BBM Fitness offers Sunrise classes from 5.45am-6.30am, and Mums’ training from 9am-9.45am (Elaine is also a pre- and post-natal certified trainer). She is well-known among her clients for keeping the work-outs interesting, and a read through her testimonials sees this mentioned frequently.

“Elaine is hands down the best trainer I have had, and her BBM workouts are challenging, but never boring,” Beth.

“Elaine’s BBM classes challenge me in totally new ways with my training. I can already feel and see results in just a short time of doing these classes and can’t to see what I will achieve in the coming months!” Claire

Elaine believes her success is all down to the main points of difference she offers. “We focus only on women,” she says. “The training programs are optimised for fat loss and to build that feminine shape. Our classes are unique in that they run like a small group personal training session, and the workout intensity is customised to each person’s fitness level.”

As for the results?  Elaine is happy to confirm they are fantastic. “Our 10-week membership program with three sessions a week delivers great results – you can completely transform your shape in this program. The majority of my clients love it so much that they continue training with me for years.”

If you want even better results, Elaine offers one-on-one coaching sessions three times a week and a personalised nutrition program as well. “I’m also just as passionate about cooking and nutrition,” she says, “and I’m a certified nutrition coach. I do get amazing results from the training alone, but when my fitness clients do my Six-week Shred Nutrition Plan as well, that’s when we achieve the biggest and quickest results. It’s an online, customised nutrition plan that features delicious recipes, full meal-prepping guides and a ‘Shred Guide’ on the principles of nutrition for weight loss.”

So, are there any more secrets to success that Elaine is happy to pass on? There are a few! “Firstly, make sure to set a strong mindset, you need a compelling reason to keep motivated,” she says. “Find your why and be specific. Don’t just set a goal to be toned, set a specific number for a weight loss goal. Secondly, just get started and don’t overthink it. This could be as simple as replacing as many processed foods as you can with whole foods and adding in some form of exercise every day, even if it’s just walking. Lastly be consistent. Consistency is the most important part of getting results, without it you will get little to no results for your efforts.”

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*New clients only. 1 week of training is equal to 3 sessions over 7 days.