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We Have Stopped the Woolworths Development, says Mosman Club CEO

For the past few months, Mosman Living Facebook Group has been dominated by discussion and debate around a proposed Woolworths development on Military Road. Part of the discussion centred around the current Mosman Club site, which would be impacted by such a development given its location.

Today, Mosman Club has made a statement based on conceptual photographs provided by Woolworths and published in a recent newspaper article. The Club’s previous firm stance had been the Club was not for sale, and that they could not comment on any potential development without seeing realistic plans from Woolworths.

Above: Artist impressions of the proposed Woolworth site (Images: Woolworths)

Now that those plans have been provided, the Club has come out swinging.We repeat the Mosman Club statement here in full:


In today’s Mosman Daily an article was published showing concept plans created by
Woolworths’ artists depicting a new Mosman Club as part of a development plan. This
article was the first time anyone involved with Mosman Club had seen these plans.

We have been on record many times stating that until we receive an offer from
Woolworths, or are invited to discuss plans, we will maintain our position of being an
interested neighbour. It was impossible for us to comment or form an official position
about something that had not been proposed to us.

Woolworths management was quoted in the Mosman Daily article as saying
“Our proposed development was based on working with other stakeholders such
as the RS Club and Council. What we are hearing back at the moment is that
there is minimal appetite to look at a development such as this. Without those
key stakeholders then we’ll need to consider what our next steps will be.”

Now that we have seen these concept plans for the first time, we agree there is zero
appetite within the Board and management to explore a development such as this. As
such, we can categorically state THE CLUB WILL NOT ENTER INTO ANY
DISCUSSION WITH WOOLWORTHS regarding redevelopment of The Club.

Without The Club’s support the development is dead and buried.
We have stopped the Woolworths Development. We thank our existing Members who
always support us, and the new ones joining to support us, and we hope that support

Yours Sincerely,

Gerard Boyle
Chief Executive Officer
By Direction of the Board

Main image credit: Ron Irving