Every year, zoos around the world celebrate Dreamnight, an opportunity for families of sick or disadvantaged children to venture through the zoo after hours and take in the incredible sights and sounds of incredible animals and their diverse habitats.

Originating in 1996 at Rotterdam Zoo, Dreamnight is an annual night of wholesome celebration that invites children from local hospitals to enjoy the zoo with the support of many volunteers. The initiative has been running for 21 years, with an estimated 260 zoos taking part in the heart-warming evening in 37 different countries.

The aim of Dreamnight at Taronga Zoo is to give families the chance to experience the magic of the zoo, helping them in their healing process and providing a wonderful and positive experience for them to look forward to during festive season.

Taronga Zoo hosted an array of colourful characters, including Disney princesses, fan-favourite Star Wars heroes, (and villains!) as well as some vibrant dancers performing flash mobs around the zoo grounds.

Dreamnight at Taronga Zoo
Disney princesses ready to welcome visitors
Visitors to Dreamnight at Taronga Zoo enjoyed watching the Free Flight Birds and Seals for the Wild Presentations, and took advantage of the plentiful photo opportunities with the likes of Cinderella and R2D2!

Taronga Zoo staff member wearing vibrant butterfly wings.