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Take a Power Lunge Towards a Healthy Lifestyle With LagreeFIT

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to high impact training? Or maybe you’re after a workout that is sustainable, kind on joints and improves core strength? Look no further! The team at LagreeFIT in Mosman are ready to welcome you into their studio and get you started on a new health and wellness journey.

Who are LagreeFIT?

LagreeFIT is Australia’s first Lagree studio, based right here in the heart of Mosman (they also have another studio in Surry Hills). In case you haven’t heard of them, here’s a lowdown on the studio and the fitness method that has quickly become a fitness favourite for celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and Sophia Vergara.

Adaptable to all fitness levels, LagreeFIT is a high intensity, low impact full body functional strength and conditioning workout with a strong focus on mobility and core. Founded by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree, this evolutionary method evolved from traditional Pilates and utilises the Megaformer, a state-of-the-art redesign of the reformer machine, to effectively target your fat burning, slow-twitch muscle fibres needed to support and stabilize your body. Each movement is slow, controlled and guaranteed to challenge your strength, endurance, core, balance and flexibility in every single move. The workout promotes fat loss and long, lean muscles (without the bulk); your body will regain its natural postural alignment, you will improve flexibility and balance, and your core will be the strongest it has ever been ensuring a stronger, leaner, more powerful body from the inside out!

Image: LagreeFit

Other benefits include:

  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  •  Increased bone mineral density
  • Slow down osteoporosis.
  • Sustainable for life

The LagreeFIT team pride themselves on developing community ties and providing a fun, friendly atmosphere in a professional environment. Their expert instructors are trained in a wide range of modalities making them skilled at ensuring correct technique, whilst allowing members to feel confident and at ease from their very first class. Also, class size allows for a maximum of 10 people so the instructors can  give members more personal attention.

There are three different class options:
Basics – ideal for those new (or newish) to Lagree or anyone looking to perfect technique

All Levels – for all fitness levels and guaranteed to burn (in all the right places)

LagreeX – an advanced class for the more experienced LagreeFITer keen to challenge themselves.

Special offer for Mosman Living members

If this sounds like something you would love to try, LagreeFIT offers a new client pack of four classes in 2 weeks for just $42. If you sign up before 30 November and use the code MosmanLiving2020, you will receive a further 10% off the standard price of any purchase.

For more information on LagreeFit, its pricing and class timetable, visit:

Phone: 0411 542 229
Address: 1/515 Military Rd, Mosman NSW 2088
Instagram: @lagreefit_sydney