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When Will The North Sydney Metro Open?

Dust off your Opal cards, the new Metro is almost here!

It’s almost showtime for the new metro! After a year of putting the tunnels, trains, and stations through their paces, the official opening date is getting close.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming opening of Victoria Cross and Crows Nest stations, proposed for August 2024.

After extensive testing and commissioning, the Sydney Metro is now in the final trial phase. Trains will run along the entire line, simulating real-world passenger service scenarios. This crucial step ensures everything operates smoothly and safely before passenger services begin.

With the trial running phase underway, the project remains on track for passenger services to commence in August 2024.  These services will offer significant travel time reductions:

Crows Nest:

  • 4 minutes to Chatswood Station
  • 5 minutes to Barangaroo Station
  • 7 minutes to Martin Place Station.

Victoria Cross:

  • 3 minutes to Barangaroo Station
  • 5 minutes to Sydney Metro Martin Place Station
  • 9 minutes to Central Station.

How often will trains run?

We can expect the same as the existing services in the city’s North West line which have trains running every four minutes in the peak.

How much will it be?

The Sydney Metro uses the Opal ticketing system. You can use your existing Opal card, purchase a new one or tap your debit card. Standard Opal fares apply, so the cost of your trip will depend on the distance travelled and your concession status (if applicable).

When exactly will it open?

Sydney Metro have been tight-lipped about the exact opening date in August. We know that works are happening at the Victoria Cross station around McLaren and Miller streets between 24 June to 27 July 2024. So we’re anticipating this means an early August launch, but with the high levels on rainfall in Sydney this winter, it’s no wonder the Metro team have some built in contingency in case the rain holds up construction.

As soon as we find out, we’ll update you. Stay tuned!