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Rapid Transformational Therapy with Lily Agarwal

Lily agarwal rapid transformational therapy
Mosman-based Rapid Transformational Therapist, Lily Agarwal

Lily Agarwal is a local therapist practising Rapid Transformational Therapy. We spoke to her about what this form of psychotherapy involves and how people can benefit from it. Here is our Q&A with Lily.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy, popularly known as RTT, debunks the notion that change is slow and change is hard. It rests its case on the philosophy that first we create our beliefs and then our beliefs create us. 

RTT works with your subconscious mind, the feeling mind; the powerhouse of your life, where your belief system is imprinted, creating any and every aspect of your life. RTT makes it easy, effortless and smooth to change your belief system, hence empowering you to ‘let go’ of whatever your heart truly wishes to be free from. It empowers you to instead install the beliefs that you want and are ready to make true. It feels like magic. 

RTT creates remarkable results fast – in most cases within one to three sessions. No medications are required. It does not require ongoing investment of time money or effort. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy uses hypnosis to apply a plethora of tools and techniques collaboratively with you to investigate and understand the root cause/s of the issue you are wanting to be free from. The method uses the most beneficial principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Clinical Psychology, Neuro science/Neuro plasticity of the brain, Energy science/ frequency of emotions, feelings and beliefs. 

Positive transformative changes happen instantly, incrementally and cumulatively.  

Evidence is the loudest voice – read the testimonials provided by some of my clients.

Does a person lose control and consciousness in hypnosis? Is it safe?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we go into automatically, at least twice daily: just before we are fully awake and just before we fall asleep. A person’s conscious awareness is reduced but if the mind perceives any threat or danger the person automatically loses the hypnotic trance, just as in day-to-day life. Hypnosis is just a theta brain frequency. It makes you calm, peaceful and inwardly focussed. In fact, you gain incredible control, concentration and clarity. It is akin to the flow state of mind. It is completely safe, also because you are being professionally supported and looked after. Hypnosis is not recommended for people who have epileptic fits or suffer psychosis and are under medication.

What areas of life can Rapid Transformational Therapy help to improve? 

RTT can help with improving any area of life. Most commonly people choose RTT for anxiety, depression & stress related conditions. Many conditions have underlying stress, anxiety, sadness, depression. The notion of not feeling enough in some way or other. The events, experiences and circumstances of our early life leave an imprint on us. The past is gone but the meanings we made about ourselves, others and the world keep on creating limitations, blocks and  a sense of being stuck because we created beliefs that may have helped us survive then but now they are completely irrelevant and not useful at all. People choose RTT to remove money blocks, success blocks, relationship blocks. The scope is broad. Some of my clients have been able to reverse tooth decay, become free of chronic ulcers in intestines, improve their self-confidence, self-esteem, improve relationship patterns, free of migraines, get over travel sickness, stop compulsive hair pulling, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, improve asthma. In fact, RTT is fantastic for people who have struggled with weight issues, eating disorders. 

If a person has had enough of an issue or they have tried everything and nothing has helped them – I’d say talk to me and see if we can together find a solution. 

How is RTT different to traditional therapy?

Well! RTT is not just talk therapy. It works with the subconscious feeling mind. It’s all about the beliefs that are charging the conditions and issues. You change the harmful, hurtful beliefs/feelings/emotions and the issue disappears or improves significantly. We don’t diagnose, give prognosis, labels or make judgements. We just are interested in understanding the when, where, how a person developed the issue. The rest is the integral power within each of us at a higher intelligence level that reprograms and harmonises our life. So the mind creates the problem and the mind also has the power to fix it. We just work with the mind that it has the program to make the change. RTT is working with our inner self. 

RTT is not ongoing/ It works on specific issues one at a time and change is quick and lasting. It is about becoming a better version of self. 

How long have you been practising Rapid Transformational Therapy? How did you train in it? 

I have been practising RTT for about 18 months. This method of therapy was founded and created in 2015 by Marisa Peer, one of Britain’s leading therapists, after more than 30 years of practising and achieving extraordinary results for her clients. I discovered Marisa and RTT some three years ago.  Her words resonated with me. I tried some RTT for myself and experienced dramatic emotional insights and shifts. The journey started there. 

My interest and understanding of psychology, mind power, human behaviour and the issues we create, has been a life-long quest. I have been reading extensively on related subjects that challenge the status quo and are yet solid in science. Things that sound unreal, magical and unbelievable catch my attention. I have strong ability for critical thought and understanding feelings deeply. I am naturally intuitive and spiritual without ever giving allegiance to any one way – I just followed what felt good and right for me. Freedom of thought and an unlabelled spirit are integral to who I am. RTT seemed such a natural fit to express what I know and give it a practical application – to make a difference in the real world.

How can Mosman locals work with you?

I just want to build awareness in the community about my presence and ability to serve in this way, as a RTT Therapist. So that people know that help is hand and locally. I welcome anyone who feels inspired to take the journey to overcoming, believing in their potential and the limitless possibilities that exist, should they wish to walk towards them.  Or share this information with anyone they care about and would benefit from the knowing. 

I invite anyone who wishes to get in touch with me for a 15- minute consultation (obligation free) via my website. . Click on the ‘Book a session’ button.  Response time – within 24 hrs. 

I offer RTT in person or by zoom(online) to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Lily Agarwal – Rapid Transformational Therapy
Facebook: @LilyAgarwalRapidTransformationalTherapy