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Pet Walking/Minding

Hi guys, I’m a pet sitter who lives in the north shore and I have some spare time these summer holidays. I am also a veterinary nurse who works in an emergency team and have a certificate in animal training/welfare. I am currently studying (online due to covid) animal and Veterinary bioscience at the University of Sydney and if you haven’t guessed by now, my world revolves around animals!!! I can cater to any animals needs, any medications, training, exercise and home cooked meals if needed! I always ensure to do a full clean of the place before I leave as well and send copious amounts of animal content to you everyday ❤️

Contact Name:  Didi
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Hello! I'm Sam and I've been pet/house sitting since 2015 and I love every minute! I have been lucky to snuggle up to both cats and dogs, but I am open to looking after all types of pets… birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chickens, mice, rats … you name it. I'm a live-in sitter, so I come to your house where your pet is most comfortable and I will treat your furry friend like it's my own. I work full time, but am a homebody at heart and will have plenty of love and time for cuddles, playtime, walks and feeding both mornings and evenings. I’ll also do other tasks to maintain your home eg: take the bins in/out, water plants, collect the mail etc. I'd love to hear from you.

Contact Name:  Samantha Smith
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Hi everyone! My name is Ana. I am a spanish student of english living in Cremorne and I am looking to walk your dog. I have my own dogs in my country and I absolutely love them. I have had cats too so if you need help feeding your cat in your holidays I can do it as weel for you. Very affordable rates. $15 hour. Small and medium sizes. I have a lot of free time! Please contact me: 0478254228 Cheers!

Contact Details:  0478254228

Our little dog recently died in an accident. My husband and I have a home here for a small dog if anyone is finding it difficult to look after their dog through various circumstances. We are very happy to share a dog.

Contact Name:  Julie Goodsir
Contact Details:  0401 525 777

Hello! My name is Beatriz, I am Brazilian and I currently live in a Mosman and would love to offer my services as pet sitter/walker/hosting/day care to my neighbors. I own 7 dogs in Brazil (that are now with my mom) and used to run a pet shop and veterinarian clinic there. I am passionate about animals and will take care of them with all my heart, following Covid 19 safety recommendations. Prices as follow: Dog walker - $20 per hour (up to 4 dogs/period). I’ll take them for an amazing walk in Mosman’s parks and beaches for a day full of fun! Pet hosting - $55 per night (up to 2 pets maximum). They will be treated as if they were at their own place ♥️ Day Care - $35 per session (up to 4 hours), I can visit your place to feed your pets, give medicines if needed, play a little and check up on them. They will never feel alone. Can’t wait to meet your furry best friends ♥️ For contact, please call me on 0450 521 503 or send me an email at

Hey I’m Jordan and live on Plunkett road in Balmoral with a beautiful Boston terrier called Betty. I’m looking to dog walk as i absolutely love dogs and walking. Also happy to host overnight stays, weekends and holiday boarding. I have a huge house with a big garden and I have a lot of free time so pretty flexible. Contact me on +61 447 099222 or WhatsApp +447837843628. For dates and rates. Kind regards Jordan

Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I'm a full-time university student living in Mosman. I'm looking to petsit or walk your dogs throughout the week and have 6 years of dog handling experience. If you are away and need me to feed any other pets such as cats, guinea pigs (4 years experience) or chickens (2 years experience) just let me know! Please inform me if any of your pets have any behavioural issues or medical/dietary requirements. I am fairly flexible so feel free to call me on 0422899728 if you are interested. Thanks and have a nice day!

Hi everyone! My name is Lexie, i am 19 years old and looking for dog walking/minding jobs. I live in Mosman and have three dogs myself (7,12 &13 years old) so i am very experienced when it comes to managing the various personalities of a pup. I am very flexible and available to mind and walk your dog, and am also available to live in, if you are away. You can get in contact with me at 0447012404. looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards, lexie.

Hey I’m Jordan and live on Plunkett road in Balmoral with a beautiful Boston terrier called Betty. I’m looking to dog walk as i absolutely love dogs and walking. Also happy to host overnight stays, weekends and holiday boarding. I have a huge house with a big garden and I have a lot of free time so pretty flexible. Contact me on +61 447 099222 or WhatsApp +447837843628. For dates and rates. Kind regards Jordan

Hi All, I'm looking to walk your doggies to earn some extra cash! I'm available from 4:30pm Weekdays and anytime during Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I do have a Ad Hoc day working from home and therefore could do a walk during the working day. I also have a car! Please give me a message on 0411380310 :) Cheers, Alina

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. Dog / Cat Minding & Feeding. Mon - Fri any time Sat & Sun morning only Ph. 0401 149 854

I am a recent high school graduate who is looking for some casual work so I can save up money before I move to Melbourne. Because I am in between studies right now I am able to work 24/7, especially at last-minute notice. I have experience with animals, having a dog; two cats; and fish - to which I myself take care of independently, I also have experience with disabled animals as I often looked after my friends blind and deaf dogs whilst they were away. I also have a car and a provisional license so transport is easy for me! If you need anyone to walk or mind your pets I would love to hear from you! Send me a message on: 0428 559 382

Hello all, I have a gorgeous little 9 year old dog that I have had since she was a puppy. Unfortunately due to various life circumstances I need some help caring for her. This may never be done, and I may get criticized for it, but am looking for a stable sharing arrangement. I am not giving her up!! I did post this a few months ago but no luck so I thought I would give it a go during the holidays. As it stands now, I just don't feel she is getting enough of my time and is home alone most of the day (yes she has a dog walker) and I being increasingly forced into various other commitments (work). I would ideally love for her to be able to spend time with either a family that is home and can keep her company or maybe an older person/couple that is home more than me. Above all else, I just need her to be loved as much as I do. Would one week on and one week off work? I will pay all the bills and do all the drop offs and pick ups. We could help each other out during holidays etc... For now I am forced to move between doggy carers when my commitments build up and that is simply not stable for her. There must be a better way. Background: Molly is 12.5kg mixed breed rescue dog. She has a placid nature but loves to chase balls and swim. She is a qualified Delta Dog (visit hospitals, aged care etc...) but I have not had time to do that for years! She loves a cuddle and curling up next to you on the sofa. She is a sweetie! Pics attached. Oh...and in answer to some questions...

Experienced with many animals from birds to horses, including reptiles, and have no qualms about minding animals with special requirements (ie. medication). Services provided: Pet sitting Pet daycare House visiting for pet Dog walking House sitting Over 1.5 years' experience Accepts long-term bookings Accepts last-minute bookings Discounts for bulk bookings Please contact me on: 0474467725

Dog walking and physiotherapy/massage! Hi, I am a qualified veterinary physiotherapist from Ireland wanting to offer my dog walking and massage services to your four legged family members. Is your dog: - stiff in the mornings? - finding it difficult to get onto the sofa / into the car? - not as active as he/she used to be? - stressed and anxious? - struggling with achy joints? - recovering from an injury / procedure? Massage focuses on improving and maintaining mobility and function while reducing pain and enhancing quality of life. It is also very beneficial for those anxious dogs as it promotes relaxation and bonding. I am available week days (weekends on request) for dog walking and massage. I will come to your home to reduce to stress of going to a new place. Dog walking is tailored to each dogs individual needs - on lead, off lead, short, long, post surgery walks. Leave a comment or message me and I’ll get back to you to discuss ?? Contact: 0410290287 /