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Local Legend ‘Mosman Mullet’ Shares His Running Tips Ahead Of Mini Mos

For Mosman local and distance runner, Ed Goddard aka the ‘Mosman Mullet’, says the Mini-Mos Fun Run is a chance to test his fitness, give back to the community, stay motivated to exercise on chilly mornings, and relive some cherished childhood memories.

Ed has been participating in the Mini-Mos since he was 13 years old, making this his 13th time competing in the running event. He remembers being inspired by the event’s inclusive atmosphere, which caters to everyone from kindergarteners to elite athletes.

“I wanted to get involved as an ambassador to help bring people to the event,” says Ed. “It had such a large role in my childhood and still does to this day.”

He remembers meeting legendary runner Herb Elliott at a Mini-Mos when he was younger, an experience that solidified his passion for the long distance running.

“I love the fact you have an event which caters for people of all ages and abilities from Kindergarten to elites athletes. In 2019, when I placed second behind Olympian Liam Adams, the top six male athletes had all run internationally.”

“The Mini Mos is the perfect event to test my fitness, because I race it annually I can see how my body is feeling over the hills and it helps me dictate what I need to work on in training,” says Ed. “But it’s also an event I want to come to each year and try to win as many as possible!”

Now, as a Mini-Mos ambassador, Ed is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of runners. His advice for newbies? Get comfortable on the more uncomfortable parts of the course.

“I’ll keep my advice simple and say get comfortable running hills, both up and down. The course twists and turns a bit so being able to keep rhythm on the hills is important.”

“My favourite part of the course is the section from Middle Head road to Prince Albert and Queen street, then down Raglan to where it goes past my house. The Noble street hill is always tough but that’s just part of it!”

So, what’s Ed’s best race day tip? He says familiarising himself with the course beforehand is key. By driving the route and picking out landmarks, he creates a mental map that helps him stay focused and pace himself throughout the race.

“I always drive the course before any race. I pick out what I think will be my favourite sections, or the most important ones, then when I get there in the race they feel familiar and ‘easy’ hopefully!”

With the Mini-Mos Fun Run happening on Sunday, June 16, 2024, Ed is looking forward to testing his limits, and perhaps even adding another win to his impressive record. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a complete beginner, the Mini-Mos Fun Run is a fun and inclusive experience for all. Sign up today and join the Mosman community for a day of exercise, family fun, and supporting a great cause!

Mini-Mos Fun Run & Fair