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selina win pe

Mosman Local Selina Win Pe Turns Author

In 2014, Mosman local Selina Win Pe survived the siege at the Lindt café which killed three people. Her quest for recovery since then has resulted in immeasurable benefit for Australia’s rural communities, and she has now penned a book about her journey.

“Untold Truths: A Journey to a Will of Courage”, by Selina Win Pe, is a memoir detailing  how an individual has gone to unbelievable lengths to help communities and give back to the countless people who’ve supported her during the biggest challenges of her life. 

Selina is of proud Indian-Burmese heritage, and moved to Australia at the age of nine. However, her connection to Australia dates back to her maternal grandfather who served in World War Two as a highly awarded Brigadier in the Indian Army, and was captured as a Prisoner of War and saved by our incredible Aussie Diggers.

selina win pe
Selina at Balmoral Beach

At the time of the Lindt café siege Selina had the world at her feet, a blossoming professional career representing some of the world’s leading financial services brands, and was well travelled. The last survivor to escape the siege, she has spent years recovering from both physical and emotional injuries, which have completed altered her life’s path.

Beginning first and foremost with a desire to help others, she began turning her life around in 2019 by reaching out and connecting with mayors of NSW country towns. She has since established warm and meaningful friendships right across the state, and has travelled more than 100,000 kilometres on her journey.


Her goals are to support, to advocate and to connect, and she is passionate about promoting and championing Australia’s farming communities.

In more than 1500 days, Selina has not stopped representing, promoting, and championing for Australia’s farmers, farming communities, farm animals (people, places and nature).