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New Shorts, Big Impact – How Optus Is Championing Our Local Women In Sport

Optus is taking action on a big issue that impacts female athletes across the globe: period-related anxiety – and they’re starting in our local area!

Recognising the need for a practical and progressive approach, Optus recently partnered with Mosman FC to update their women’s team uniforms.

The key change? Replacing sky blue shorts with darker navy ones. This seemingly simple switch aims to address a big worry: feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious during their period, which can deter girls from participating in sports.

“Paul Murphy is the coach and manager of our top women’s team at the club and really should be credited with bringing this idea from concept to reality,” says Andrew Cahill, Club Secretary.

“He is a fantastic champion of the women’s game and approached the board at the start of the season to ask us to explore if we could change from our full sky blue strip to a darker, navy colour short.”

Coach Paul handing out the new uniforms on Sunday

“The rationale behind this change is to give our women athletes more confidence and reduce anxiety while playing,” explains Andrew.

“We want to reduce the number of girls that are afraid to play or show up when they are experiencing their period and we hope the conversation about why we are changing will help to further educate and reduce stigma around the topic.”

“We are not the first sporting code to make this change – many others, such as England’s Lionesses and the All England Tennis Club (Wimbledon) have embraced this approach, but as a club we are very proud to be supporting the women in our community.”

The change, aligns with Mosman FC’s commitment to boosting female representation within the club. The board along with Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA) fully endorsed and supported the initiative, recognising the potential to create a more inclusive environment. The club also worked with kit supplier, 2Reds Custom Sports Apparel, who consulted with senior players to review the design and fit of the shorts to maximise player comfort.

Thanks to Optus’s sponsorship, Mosman FC was able to roll out the new uniforms faster and invest more in their development program. This partnership demonstrates Optus’s commitment to supporting community initiatives that promote inclusivity and empower young women.

“Optus have been behind this initiative as soon as we pitched it to them and have been a fantastic partner in helping us deliver this change,” says Andrew.

“Without Optus behind us, the club would have still supported this initiative, but it would have taken longer to deliver it – we always allocate available funding in an equitable manner across all our members and have a rigorous process in place to ensure we are not ‘favouring’ one section of the community over another.

“With the Optus sponsorship we have been able to accelerate this initiative as well as use some of their sponsorship in other areas.”


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Local General Manager, Nick Gibson said Optus was a proud supporter of women’s sport in local communities across Australia.

“The new uniforms for Mosman FC look terrific and we are very happy to be supporting local female athletes,” says Nick. “Hopefully the players will go on to score lots of goals in the new colours.”

“Our sponsorship of Mosman FC is another example of Optus being a huge supporter of women’s football, this follows the great success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.”

The transition to navy shorts will be phased in gradually across senior and youth teams throughout the season. Mosman FC has a plan to make the change for the entire club within three years. This measured approach ensures financial responsibility while minimising environmental impact and to meet the club’s sustainability agenda. Existing sky blue shorts

By fostering inclusivity and breaking down stigmas, Mosman FC is setting a new standard for community sports clubs. This innovative partnership with Optus makes a difference for female athletes, but also paves the way for a more supportive environment, both on and off the field.


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