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Mosman Cafes Join the War on Waste with HuskeeSwap

An exciting new initiative aimed at reducing single use disposables in our community is launching in Mosman on September 23. Introducing HuskeeSwap!

Each year, over 600 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill. There’s no question that this issue needs to be addressed, and the team at Huskee came up with a two-pronged solution:
1) Create a sustainable cup made from repurposed waste material (coffee husks); and
2) Devise a cup exchange system via a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange a single cup.
HuskeeSwap is a scalable alternative to single use coffee cups and a workflow improvement to individually owned reusable cups. What’s more, the cups themselves are BPA free, stackable and as stylish as they are sustainable. You only need to search #huskee or #huskeecup on Instagram to see beautiful images of people all over the world using this brilliant initiative.

And now it’s coming to Mosman!

With assistance from Mosman Council, several local cafes including Berkelo, Don Adan Coffee, The Mews, Bloom, The Source, Avenue Road Cafe and The Penny Royal have all signed on for the launch.
For a limited time when the initiative launches there will be FREE HuskeeCups available at participating cafes. So head in quickly for your morning coffee on Monday. And, of course, there’s a drive for more local Mosman cafes to come on board – so please encourage your local to consider it if you can!

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