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lynne johnson

Mosman Author Lynne Johnson Releases Her Debut Novel

A man disappears without a trace. A troubled cop falls in love with his daughter. A secret bush cabin holds all the answers.

Former copyright lawyer and recovering alcoholic Lynne Johnson released her debut novel, an Australian crime thriller called The Bait Trap, in December last year. Lynne is well known in the Mosman Living Facebook group for her self-described “kleptomaniac” cat with a fetish for stealing gardening gloves!

The Bait Trap features Sydney homicide detective Zac Byrne who is assigned a missing persons case in rural NSW after a drug bust goes horribly wrong, in part due to his alcoholism. It is a novel about powerlessness, forgiveness, redemption and freedom.

Lynne wanted to explore the issue of addiction through a novel. She says, ‘Almost everyone’s life has been touched by at least one person who drinks too much. The Bait Trap is a conversation with myself about what it means to be an active alcoholic and then a recovering alcoholic in Australia. Crime fiction is the perfect place to explore this issue because it’s littered with the trope of the heavy-drinking detective.’

lynne johnson

She adds, ‘Prior to writing The Bait Trap, I searched for fiction that authentically portrayed alcoholics, both untreated and in recovery. I couldn’t find any, so I wrote one. Hopefully Zac Byrne and Thea Judd are relatable characters. In fiction, characters find solutions to their problems whereas some alcoholics never find a solution or resolution.’

‘True art comes from dark, interior, emotionally vulnerable places. There’s a lot of me in Bryne and Thea. In a sense, I didn’t create this book; it was there for me to unravel and discover. When I got sober, I had to rebuild myself psychologically. Give myself a new operating system. I had a lot of guilt attached to my drinking. Guilt is okay provided that you do something constructive with it. This is my attempt to do something constructive with my experience of recovery. I try to destigmatise the addict and get the message out that no matter how far down the path of addiction these people have gone, there is a solution, and their experiences can help others.’

For more information or to order a copy visit or pop in to local bookshop Three Sparrows (836 Miliary Road Mosman) for a copy!