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Neutral Bay Locals Launch Cocktails with a Twist! Meet The Noble Sage Liquor Company

We love a Covid pivot story, especially a local one! Neutral Bay housemates Kevin Jochelson and Elan Shilansky started barrel-aging spirits as a fun side project whilst living together during the 2020 lockdowns. Now, their side hustle business, The Noble Sage Liquor Company, has released three popular barrel-aged cocktails including their most recent – a twist on the Espresso Martini.

The Noble Sage Liquor Company barrel-aged cocktails are designed to be limited edition collectibles, with each bottle featuring a poem and detailed graphic of the character that inspired the cocktail, and Raven’s Espresso is no different.

Described as an “espresso martini with a twist”, Raven’s Espresso is made with the Sage’s barrel-aged rum (a less traditional approach to vodka) and is inspired by a hipster witch who is misconstrued as haunting the night but is actually just wired on caffeine!

the noble sage liquor company

Above: The trailer for the launch of Raven’s Espresso

“All of our drinks are dedicated to the mysterious characters in the Noble Sage’s universe. Our first release, Noble Negroni is centred around the Sage, whereas our last release, Elusive Bass, is about an intellectual big-foot character whom everyone wants to catch, but who really just wants to be left alone so he can read and enjoy a cocktail”, states Shilansky.

“We grew up in the 90’s as part of the ‘Pokemon-generation’ so we wanted to create not just the highest quality cocktails you can pour straight from the bottle, but exciting stories that surrounded our spirits, encouraging you to “collect them all” and show them off and talk about them at your dinner-party table”, states Jochelson. 

The two founders of The Noble Sage Liquor Company are interesting characters themselves! Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and has spent 10+ years building tech startups. He previously founded Fiestafy, has worked for UBS, Jayride, and Blackbird-VC-backed, Workyard, and is currently on a Bootstrap Sabbatical launching a new business every two months, whilst building in public at He’s since founded four businesses.

Elan has over a decade experience in hospitality, working across food, pubs and cocktail joints. He is also a healthcare professional, working as a Paramedic and Instructor in the Healthcare space.

the noble sage liquor company

Perfect as gifts, the Noble Sage Liquor Company is direct to consumer (you won’t find them in liquor stores) and each bottle comes in a bespoke black box with a personalised note from the Noble Sage himself.

For more information and to order yourself some cocktails, visit