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Looking for Meaningful Jewellery? Take a Peek at This Luxury Brand for Inspiration

Husband and wife duo, Natalie Kenyon and Claudio Medel, are the creative force behind EVOKA. The luxurious gemstone jewellery brand in Mosman is on a mission to curate jewellery with intention and dedication to femininity.

It’s immediately apparent that Natalie and Claudio live and breathe their passion for beauty, design and the power of colour through their jewellery brand EVOKA

Image: EVOKA

EVOKA reveres femininity in all its facets to empower women to self express their myriad of colours from the inside out,” Natalie explains.

“Our ranges are the product of inspiration from 10 years of creating collections for five-star luxury cruise ships from Oceania, Regent and Silversea, whereby we got to share our unique design, quality and meticulous artisanship with women from all over the world. 

“Byzantine cathedrals in Sicily, gold souks in Dubai, ancient palaces in Morocco, colourful chapels in Santorini. These became the seeds of design inspiration for us.

“None of EVOKA’s silver, gold or diamond jewellery is machine-made. The handcrafted bespoke gemstone jewellery is created by age-old traditions of fine craftsmanship combined with contemporary creativity to give birth to wearable art.”

Image: EVOKA

Why EVOKA opened its flagship store in Mosman

Despite their worldwide adventures and success of their brand, Natalie and Claudio weren’t fully fulfilled with their life.

“The impact of COVID and the loss of our entire cruise ship brand brought on some intense soul searching and the desire for a more simple life anchored on land,” Natalie tells us.

“Our hearts desired a lifestyle whereby we could spend time with our precious young family – our children Kleioh, Raphael and Kora – and this inspired the opening of our flagship store in Mosman.

“We have many clients on the North Shore that we want to service and opening a shop just felt like the natural next evolution so we could create a community that wasn’t just overseas and transient and that we could get to know and grow with time.”

EVOKA’s mission remains the same

Image: EVOKA

Despite changing EVOKA’s business model, the duo’s mission, however, has stayed the same. It is to champion the strength and beauty of contemporary women with the modern goddess in mind.

The shop quote on the front window, ‘Colour is a power that directly influences the soul’ is taken from Russian painter and art theorist, Wassily Kandinsky, and it epitomises the fresh and inviting energy of the shop. 

Image: EVOKA

“Our quest is still to uphold age‑old, handcrafted skill. Our devoted, virtuoso technicians craft EVOKA pieces with masterful, zen-like patience paying homage to Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian eras and showcasing rare and precious Tanzanites, Morganites, aquamarines, emerald, ruby and sapphires with dazzling diamonds in divine settings.

“We co-create pieces collaboratively with women taking their forgotten and abandoned pieces – remodelling them and breathing new life into them, pairing them with a favourite symbol or desired gemstone to redefine a piece and make it your personal Talisman of intention.  We seek to create a new genre of spirited storytelling where our jewellery has a deeply personal meaning for our community of collectors.”

If you miss travelling to Europe over these summer holidays, have a taste of its essence at EVOKA’s Mosman store. By mentioning Mosman Living, you can receive 20% off any item in-store!

Contact details

Address: Shop 3/1-5 Mandolong Rd, Mosman NSW 2088
Phone: 0416 365 659

Instagram: @evokasydney