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The Mosman Local Changing The Way You Think About Instant Coffee

Meet Jamie Papas, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Mosman, who’s shaking up how we start our day.

His company, 210 Specialty Coffee, is all about ready-to-drink barista-made coffee shots. No machines, no mess – just peel, pour, and enjoy cafe-quality coffee anywhere.

Forget machines and brewing – just peel and pour their single-serve capsules sourced from high-quality beans from Australian eco-certified roasters. Their unique process (called “210”) optimises flavour and shelf life naturally, without the use of any preservatives, additives, sugars, or nitrates.

Jamie’s love for coffee started early. At 13, he was a kitchen hand at cafes, quickly becoming a coffee aficionado by 17. From running errands to becoming a jack-of-all-trades, he soaked up every aspect of the industry, including working at his father, Peter Papas’ much-loved Kazzi Beach Greek in Balmoral.

With the challenges of the pandemic, Jamie saw an opportunity to fill the gap for delicious, home-brewed coffee. Many Australians craved barista-quality coffee at home during lockdowns, but existing ‘instant’ options were often filled with preservatives and lacked the real cafe taste.

His mission: create a coffee pod that was high-quality, convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly. Through experimentation, he developed a unique 24-hour extraction process that preserved freshness and flavour. The experimentation took over 18 months of refinement to get right, with Jamie partnering with skilled baristas to deliver two espresso shots in a single, convenient capsule.

210 capsules are 100% recyclable and can be placed in recyclable bins after use.

“The reason why 210 uses aluminium capsules is that they have low density, are non-toxic, maintain a high thermal conductivity, possess excellent corrosion resistance, and can be easily cast, machined and formed,” says Jamie. “All of this makes them highly recyclable and also helps them lock in all flavours and aromas to produce a cafe quality beverage. This way we minimise our environmental footprint, and maximise our customer experience.”

Debuting the launch of 210 Coffee at Sydney markets, their peel-and-pour capsules were an instant hit with customers with their simplicity and delicious, preservative-free coffee.

“We are thrilled to introduce 210 Coffee to coffee lovers across Australia,” says Jamie. “Our goal is to revolutionise how people experience coffee by offering a product that combines affordability, convenience, and uncompromising quality. With 210 Coffee, customers can enjoy the richness of cafe-quality coffee at home and on the go, anytime, anywhere.”

As to where to buy 210 Coffee capsules – they are still available at Kazzi Beach Greek in Balmoral, and due to high demand through 210’s online portals, the business is focusing on maintaining orders through their Instagram page and Jamie encourages coffee lovers to order online as 210 is a running promotion with 25% off first time orders.

Available for purchase via the 210 Website: