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How is Mosman Reducing Its Carbon Footprint?

Recent environmental initiatives by Mosman Council are making a big impact on Mosman’s carbon footprint.

Electric Vehicle Recharging Station

The Evie Networks fast electric vehicle charger recently installed at Mosman Square Car Park has proven popular with motorists and already saved about 3000kg of CO2 emissions.

About 150kg in emissions has been saved every week since its installation in December last year, with emissions savings made because electricity supplied through the charger to electric vehicles is renewable, avoiding the burning of fossil fuels.

Council expects its use to grow as more people opt for electric vehicles in coming years and is currently assessing the need for more chargers as ownership grows.

LED Street Lights & Solar Conversion

Meanwhile the conversion of Mosman’s street lights to LED remains on track for completion in coming months. The Ausgrid-funded program, which involves changing 700 existing 50W and 80W street lamps to 17W, will reduce Council’s energy costs by 75 per cent and save about 200 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

The program also builds on the community’s take-up of solar, which has seen the number of households with solar increase by more than 15 per cent from 2019 to 2020, contributing to a reduction in the local carbon footprint.

The number of Mosman households with solar has almost doubled since 2014 to nearly 600 properties last year with a corresponding doubling in the volume of surplus energy exported from Mosman to the grid over the same period.

Recycling Service

With thanks to Sydney start-up RecyleSmart, Mosman residents can now recycle clothing, soft plastics and e-waste through a new home pick-up service. As easy as ordering an Uber, it’s only $2 per bag. Read more details on the program here.

“Mosman Council’s work in reducing the area’s carbon footprint through the implementation of energy and water efficient options is a key part of its commitment to protecting the local environment, which also extends to support for alternate transport options, as well as preparing and reviewing environmental plans and strategies,” Mayor Carolyn Corrigan said.

“Council is currently finalising a Resilience and Adaptation Strategy which, together with its Mitigation Strategy, will provide the blueprint that will both lead and support the community to a net zero future and ensure Mosman and its residents are ready for disruptions brought on by climate change.”