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Head High is Raising Awareness of Inclusion with the Help of Mosman Businesses

A Mosman specialist is encouraging local businesses to assist in her mission to allow young adults with disabilities to increase their capacity and confidence via education and professional skill sharing. And they are answering the call!

On arriving in Australia, former UK lecturer in Further Education Julie Ross-Edwards discovered a lack of post-school opportunities for young people with a disability that enabled capacity building through education and empowerment. So she took it upon herself to launch Head High Disability Service.

Says Julie, “As Head High’s founder and owner, I am an adult education and disability specialist who is passionate about empowering Head High clients to believe in themselves and fulfil their potential and reach their dreams”.

head highHead High offers a variety of capacity building virtual programs and an in-person
capacity building program “Head High Skills Hub” based in Mosman Art Gallery. This
incorporates learning in communication and relationships and finding your
pathway. One of the key components is the Professional Skill Share Initiative; an initiative
that has been designed to be mutually beneficial and increase inclusion and
opportunities for both businesses and Head High Clients.

Some of the Mosman businesses getting involved include Accoutrement, George the Barber, MUD Australia, Linseed Designs, FiftyNine Flower and Sir Groom Room.

Head High
Emma Veiga-Malta from Bespoke Backdrops & Branding hosted a professional skills workshop on iPad design features

Says Julie, “We match a client with a local professional and they work together on a skill for 4-5 sessions, learning, sharing and getting to know each other. This provides an invaluable opportunity for Head High clients to practice social and communication skills but also widen their networks and experiences. The results promote inquiry and
inspiration to create ideas and dreams for a meaningful and purposeful life.”

The by-product, of course, is the raising awareness of inclusion within the wider community.

“We want people to embrace and understand diversity and inclusion and all the joy and learning that stands alongside this. My clients want to be seen and others to believe in them. So, this is what Head High strives to achieve.”

head high
A Head High student at Sir Groom Room in Bridgepoint Shopping Centre

Main image: Mosman Mayor Carolyn Corrigan (centre) meets Head High Founder Julie Ross-Edwards (far left) and some Head High students

If you would like to know more about Head High Disability Service, visit or contact Julie Ross-Edwards on 0420553695.

Mosman businesses have shown themselves to be big supporters of inclusion in the past with the ‘Play It Forward’ inclusive swing campaign. Read more about that here.