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gluten free pasta di casa

Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa Brings Fresh Coeliac-Friendly Pasta to Mosman!

Nonna approved! Chef-quality fresh gluten free pasta made here on the North Shore will delight your taste buds…

Mosman’s newest food institution, Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa, is more than just a business for owner and head chef Anthony Dionne. It’s a personal mission driven by the need for fresh gluten free pasta that is safe for those with allergies, and most importantly tastes amazing.

“I am a coeliac myself, so essentially I created the product as I couldn’t find it anywhere in restaurants and supermarkets,” Anthony explained. “We wanted to make sure that coeliacs and gluten avoiders didn’t miss out on one of the best comfort foods in life… pasta!”

Anthony has achieved success at some of the best restaurants in Sydney and some of Sydney’s most reputable pubs, all the while facing the challenge of suffering from coeliac disease.

gluten free pasta di casa
One of the bestsellers at Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa… lasagne!

“One Saturday afternoon I decided to make some fresh pasta for date night with my wife. She was incredibly impressed and said I should start selling to local customers. I sold some products to locals with a great response, so decided to jump in the deep end and start supplying to customers on a full-time basis.”

Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa makes a conscious effort to source local ingredients using a range of suppliers all based in Australia, from the meat supplier to the fresh fruit and vegetables, to produce a mouth-watering menu.

“We are proud of all of our products, but perfecting our pasta dough was definitely a pinch me moment. It was in the trial stage for over a year and we didn’t stop until it was absolutely perfect. We have many customers who don’t follow a gluten free diet but buy our pasta as it feels lighter and results in them not being as bloated. Stories like this make us incredibly proud.”

Stephanie and Anthony (pictured below) started the business in 2019 while both were working full time jobs, and grew the business during the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020. When the second wave of COVID struck in 2021, like so many other local entrepreneurs, Anthony decided the time was right to take his side venture full time.

gluten free pasta di casa

“There were nervous feelings for sure and we both definitely battled with a lot of self-doubt. However, we were fortunate enough to have a loyal customer base and following to push us through the pandemic.”

“Our online sales meant we were doing a lot more deliveries to people’s homes as they were in lockdown. We had to overcome supply issues like every other business owner however there is always a solution to a problem.“

Now you can purchase from the team’s first store on Spit Road, take the products home to cook and enjoy a restaurant quality experience. Customers can also click and collect after purchasing on the website.

gluten free pasta di casa

“The most popular items would have to be our lasagnes and fettuccine. Most families will get the family-size lasagne and fettuccine as they are the classics of Italian cuisine. Ready-made products such as our lasagnes and arancini also take the stress out of weekday cooking, as our busy customers many with young families can just pop in the oven and have dinner on the table quickly and without fuss,” Stephanie said.

But there’s one more important secret weapon that drives this business, Stephanie’s late Nonna Rosa, who was instrumental in offering advice, knowledge, and food when the couple first started Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa. Their products now proudly display as “certified by Nonna”.

“With a strict ‘less is more’ approach to cooking, Nonna was all about the simple things in life and sharing her love through food – cooking fresh, seasonal dishes with lots of love and skill. In a complicated world, she taught us that sometimes going back to basics really is the smartest thing you can do in the kitchen,” Steph remembers proudly.

“Nonna’s pearls of wisdom will continue to influence our ethos and all that we do at Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa. Love you Nonna! This one is for you.”


Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa

Shop 3, 144 Spit Road Mosman
Open Wednesday 2-6pm (frozen stock)
Saturday 9:30am – 2:30pm (fresh and frozen stock)