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The 530 Club Mosman

Get Up Early With Mosman’s 5:30 Club And Dedicate Time To What Matters To You

Have you been thinking of a side hustle you’d love to try to get off the ground? Or perhaps there’s a personal project that’s been on your to-do list for a while now that you just can’t find hours for in the day. The 5:30 Club could very well be your answer…

While many of us are snoozing our alarms and fighting the first rays of sunlight in the morning, there’s a group of aspiring larks rising at the crack of dawn to get their day off to a productive start. Mosman’s 5:30 Club (one of many across Sydney and Australia) meets at Chaos Cafe every morning at 5.30am, and you’d be surprised at the type of locals who are members.

What is the 5:30 Club?

The first 5:30 Club began in a Cronulla café in 2019 when friends Aurelien Schibli, Brenton Parkes and Vani Morrison decided to get a head start on its day with some reading and studying over a 5.30am coffee at Bianchini’s Espresso – the earliest opening café they could find.

It’s how they discovered the potential of the ‘power hour’. It’s for anything that you’re interested in such as planning, reading, reflecting, learning a course, working on a side business or just starting your day right by listening to some tunes!

As the founders say on their website:

Most people are time poor when it comes to their personal and professional goals. By coming to the 5:30 Club you can dedicate the first hour of your day to focus on something that matters to you. This means you have enough time and achieve daily progress.

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Image: 5:30 Club Facebook page

Today, there are clubs across Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Queensland and Melbourne replicating the very same model with its success based on the fact that being around like-minded people makes getting out of bed early to be productive that much easier.

Mosman’s Very Own 5:30 Club

The 530 Club Mosman
Image: The 530 Club Mosman

Housemates Bryce McFadden (above left) and Shantanu Gupta (above top right) launched Mosman’s own 5:30 Club in January this year after hearing about the concept. After a lengthy search to find a café open at that time, they finally settled on Chaos Cafe in Mosman as their early morning abode.

Just six months later, the club is growing and now has ten active members.

Some of the Mosman regulars include Tash, who hosts overnight tours at Taronga Zoo and is also a photographer and occasional actor, Angus, who is using his power hours to teach himself Japanese, and Mary, an ultra marathon runner who loves an early start so much she wakes at 4am to head to the gym before 5:30 Club! There’s also Catarina who runs not one but three busy businesses, was previously a yoga teacher, meditates regularly and fully supports the ‘laptop lifestyle’.

“The 530 Clubs have attracted like-minded and ambitious people who have not only expanded their network and made cool friends, but some have even started businesses together and have left their day jobs,” explains Shantanu.

Sounds great, right? Head along to Chaos Café Mosman (573 Military Road) Monday to Friday at 5:30am where you’ll be warmly welcomed by the members. You can also listen to the club’s podcasts to get you in the mood, check them out on Instagram @the530club.mosman or @the530club for the main page and suss out the concept for yourself.