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Cocktail Hour Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

If you love cocktails – you’ll love this!! A new Northern Beaches business – Sophisticated Cocktail Co – batches, bottles and then bags all your favourite cocktails so you can take them anywhere, or have them on hand at home ready mixed.

It’s easy to love everything about Sophisticated Cocktails’ products, from the convenience to the thought and love that’s gone into the packaging. This is what you’ll find on the side of their ‘’Naughty Nina Pina Colada’’:

‘’For rainy days, and midnight escapades, Naughty Nina is the perfect Pina. She will take you to the oceans and the dunes of the cape… She is the ultimate escape!”

It’s little wonder the business, which was started nearby on the Northern Beaches, is causing a media sensation having been featured on, 2GB, Broadsheet and more.


“When I set out to start this business,” says Northern Beaches local and founder Vicki Lyon, I wanted to recreate the cocktails I made at home for everyone to enjoy. That meant fresh ingredients and premium products that were locally sourced.”

Vicki perfected her love of cocktail making during COVID restrictions (while the rest of us were dreaming about heading out for cocktails again). Believing her beautiful concoctions were best shared but unable to do so due to lockdown, the idea of portable cocktails arose. Recalling the goon bags of the 80s and 90s, Vicki worked on bringing this concept into the next century and adding some sophistication. The result is definitely of this century – sophisticated and eco-friendly!

Sophisticated Cocktail Co Founder Vicki Lyon

“Our packaging is made from recycled material and has a 80% lower carbon foot print than the glass equivalent,” says Vicki. “We use Nitrogen to extend the life of the product without adding preservatives and no sugar is added to our signature Margarita or Cosmopolotan. We have shaken and stirred your favourite cocktails and bagged them in eco-friendly 1.5L and 750ml stand up pouches with a tap, and 200ml and 700ml small-batch distilled bottles,” says Vicki.

The super clever business idea has really taken off, with the cocktails now on offer:

  • Tarti Margi (Margarita)
  • Sassy Essie (Espresso Martini)
  • Cosmo Carrie (Cosmopolitan)
  • Tricky Vicki Gin Martini
  • Vintage Vinny Old Fashioned
  • And the Naughty Nina (Pina Colada).

“We have crafted beautiful cocktails for you to enjoy, at home, in the park, at the movies, on a boat, in a hotel or wherever you heart desires,” says Vicki. “I hope you will follow me on my journey of taking a passion project to the next level, fulfilling a dream of owning my own business and enjoying the cocktails I create.”


Sophisticated Cocktails also do the most beautiful gift sets! You can see more on all of their great local products – and more importantly place your order – via the website (you must be age 18 to view)