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The Chatty Cafe Scheme Combatting Loneliness In Mosman

Loneliness is a growing concern across Australia. And Mosman, with its 30 percent rate of lone-person households according to Mayor Carolyn Corrigan, is no exception.

However, a unique initiative is tackling this issue head-on: the Chatty Cafe Scheme. A collaboration between Chatty Cafe Australia, OneAnother, Mosman Council, and the Mosman Chamber of Commerce, is fostering spaces where conversation and connection can thrive.

Chatty Cafe Australia is dedicated to reducing loneliness and enhancing social connections through simple conversations. By partnering with cafés, restaurants, and various community venues, the scheme encourages environments conducive to meaningful interactions.

“It is wonderful to see our Council venues and local businesses dedicating space for ‘have a chat’ tables, where people can take some time out to connect and socialise with others,” says Mosman Mayor Carolyn Corrigan. “Even a simple interaction or conversation with another person can make a big difference in brightening up someone’s day.”


The power of the scheme lies in its ability to spark meaningful connections. “At Pattison’s Patisserie Mosman, a brief 20-minute conversation at the Chatty Table left a patron feeling like their day had been made,” Lisa Hollinshead of OneAnother shares.

“This simple yet profound exchange underscores the scheme’s ability to foster meaningful connections, reminding us all of the power of human interaction and the joy it can bring into our lives.”

Lisa explains the harmonious partnership that brought the scheme to Mosman. “There was a real sense of shared purpose,” she says. “Chatty Cafe’s mission to combat loneliness resonated with OneAnother’s platform for volunteer opportunities. Mosman Council and the Chamber of Commerce played a crucial role in identifying suitable cafes, restaurants, and community spaces, and garnering community support.

“This combined effort has successfully introduced the Chatty Cafe Scheme to Mosman, offering a much-needed platform for social connection.”

A Chatty Chair in Mosman Square launched in October 2023 encouraging residents and visitors to sit and have a chat in a bid to help combat loneliness and social isolation.

While some communities face challenges in engaging diverse demographics or ensuring inclusivity, Mosman’s close-knit nature and varied social venues presents exciting opportunities. As Lisa highlights, “the scheme’s potential to initiate connections between individuals who might not otherwise have interacted, illustrates the power of a simple conversation.”

OneAnother plays a vital role in bridging the gap between volunteers and the Chatty Cafe Scheme. Their platform streamlines the volunteer recruitment, training, and placement process. This ensures that participating venues are supported by passionate individuals who can enhance the scheme’s reach.

Getting Involved in Mosman

Whether you’re interested in volunteering or simply participating, there are multiple ways to get involved. Volunteers can sign up through OneAnother, which provides a comprehensive online induction. For those who prefer a less formal approach, visiting a participating venue and seeking out the “Chatty Table” or engaging with staff and customers displaying the “Sip, Chat, Share, Care” sticker is a great way to connect.

By expanding the network of participating venues and engaging more volunteers, the initiative aims to create a web of welcoming spaces where individuals can connect, share experiences, and build companionship, ultimately strengthening the social fabric of Mosman.

With a shared commitment to tackling loneliness, the Chatty Cafe Scheme, in collaboration with Mosman’s dedicated community, is fostering simple conversations and genuine connections, and ensuring that no one feels alone.

Mosman Chatty Cafe locations

For more information, to volunteer, or to become a partner, please visit Let’s keep our community connected.

Volunteers can head to this link to find out more, or reach out via the app, which is in all app stores now.