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Aussie Chart Topper Dean Lewis is Making His New Album in Mosman!

Many of you will know Dean Lewis as an Australian singer-songwriter who shot to fame in 2016 with the hit single “Waves”. But did you know he is also a third generation Mosman resident, currently living at Balmoral Beach while putting the finishing touches on his highly anticipated second album? We chat to Dean’s father (and Mosman Living member) Grant Loaney, who gives us the lowdown on his very talented son.

Can you tell us a bit about Dean’s connection to the Mosman area? Did your family grow up living in the Lower North Shore?

Dean grew up in Mosman and along with his three brothers is a third generation Mosmanite, after me, my wife Ann and my parents before me.

Grant Loaney and son Dean Lewis

Dean has had huge success both locally and internationally – how did his passion and talent for music emerge? Did he do any of his musical training locally on the Lower North Shore?

Dean along with his brothers were gifted sportsmen, with his brother Sean playing for NSW in water polo and Harrison a national swimmer. Dean was his school’s basketball captain and a rep player, he also represented Australia at the World Cyber Games (WCG) in Singapore playing a game called Halo 2, he came fifth in the world!

He had guitar lessons locally a few times in his early years but didn’t pursue music again until his late teens, when his brother Sean encouraged him to give it a crack. His friend passed a demo on to a record industry contact, he was signed to management and Island Records and things went very quickly from there. Apart from playing a couple of open mic nights Dean hadn’t even played live when he was signed. His first real gig was at the “Bushstock” music festival in London and he was received very well – he’s since played to sold out venues around the world.

Dean is now recording part of his new album in Mosman – how does the recording process work?

He’s just recently returned from Los Angeles where he’s been living and recording his next album. Prior to this he toured the world for a gruelling three years solid until COVID-19 knocked the live music industry out! Being unable to tour he decided to return to Australia to record the remaining tracks. He’s leased a large house in Balmoral Beach (one of Dean’s favourite places) which has been partially converted into a recording studio. He is living there with his music producer Dylan Nash and brother Sean, who travels the world with Dean, handles his social media and films Dean’s ‘on the road’ documentaries.
Recording the new album at Balmoral Beach: Dean (centre, on guitar), Sean Loaney (left with camera) and producer Dylan Nash on computer

As his father, you must be immensely proud – what is your favourite Dean Lewis song?

We are incredibly proud of Dean’s achievements. Our favourite song? Probably the first he wrote that he was really happy with – it’s called “For The Last Time” and is on his “A Place We Knew” album. Ann’s favourite is “Half a Man”. Both Ann and I love all his songs, but he jokes that we prefer his demos to the finished songs!

What can we expect from his new album and when can we look forward to it being released?

The new album will see a maturing of his music; he maintains his “sound” and at the same time ups the game in my mind. There is no date set for release yet but it’ll be worth the wait!

Does Dean enjoy spending time in Mosman when he is home?

Dean does love spending time in Mosman and Balmoral Beach – Heirloom Espresso is one of his favourite haunts. He’s a fitness fanatic and you’ll likely see him running up the Balmoral slopes or in a local gym!

You can check out Dean’s music on iTunes or Spotify or visit to stay up to date with his new releases, including his upcoming second album.